At Market Space Limited T/A Finance Bloom, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of your information. Our Privacy policy outlines how we collect, store, use and share your personal information. What are your rights and responsibilities? We comply our obligations under the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 to the best of our ability and capacity.

What information do we collect?

We may gather three types of information about the users of our services and visitors to Finance Bloom Digital Assets:


    • • Personal information provided by you when you complete a loan / insurance application and answer various relevant questions and provide your documents including bank statements and credit card statements, financial statements, pay slips, Ids etc , compete an online form, voluntarily enter a competition, complete a survey, make a request for Finance Bloom services, engage in a live web chat, or otherwise input text or values into Finance Bloom Digital Assets.
    • • Technical information that identifies the computers or devices you use to access Finance Bloom Digital Assets and how you use them. For example: IP address; cookie, device, browser, & operating system identifiers, and location information provided when you connect to Finance Bloom Digital Assets..
    • • Usage information regarding your activities on our Finance Bloom Digital Assets. For example: the date and time of visits, the pages visited, and interactions with tools, calculators & advertising

What we do with it ?

We use the information we collect (including your personal information) in the following cases:

Sharing of Information:

Finance Bloom does share personal information which it receives from its clients in the following cases:


    • 1. Relevant third parties –To fulfil your financial needs, Finance Bloom shares relevant information with lenders / Insurance providers and associated service providers such as Baycorp, Veda Advantage, Illion, Quotemonster, the client’s Accountant, the client’s Solicitor, client’s real estate agent who refer your case to us to arrange loan only to the extent status of your loan application unless and otherwise you advised us not to do so, Property Valuers, Building Inspectors, Nominated representatives of the client, the client’s family members, debt collectors, enforcing our rights as per our disclosure statements to various professionals & fulfilling our obligations to various service providers and regulators. This list can be modified depending upon the needs of the client as well as of Finance Bloom.
    • 2. Finance Bloom will only disclose personal information to these third parties where disclosure is one of the purposes for which the information was obtained or is directly related to such purposes (for example, where disclosure is made at the client’s request or to further an application made by the client).
    • 3. With its IT service providers, to save, store and manage that personal information in the server as well as the cloud. The It service provider and cloud storage may be located within New Zealand as well as outside New Zealand.
    • 4. As required or as permitted by law (including by Regulators) – If required by law to provide personal information to the Regulator (Financial Markets Authority), Finance Bloom does provide information as requested.
    • 5. A disputes Resolution Scheme – The current scheme provider is Financial Dispute Resolution.
    • 6. Conducting legal proceedings and other investigations if it becomes necessary in the opinion of Finance Bloom.
    • 7. Staff at Finance Bloom – All Staff at Finance Bloom have access to the Company CRM. Staff should only use the CRM for purposes consistent with their role and this Privacy Policy.
    • 8. We may share the information we gather in an anonymous form, e.g., survey or tracking information, with advertisers and other partners.
    • 9. We may use your opinion, comments and feedback given by you from time to time for improving our services, seeking external advice how we can improve our services and marketing of Finance Bloom services. We maintain your privacy to the best of our ability or as per provisions of Privacy act 2020.
    • 10. To complete a request for service, such as processing your application for a product, or to reply to your enquiries.
    • 11. To provide, personalise, and improve your experience with Finance Bloom Digital Assets. For example, providing customised or localised content and advertising that is relevant to you.
    • 12. To measure the interest in various areas of our Finance Bloom Digital Assets at an aggregated level to evaluate our performance and improve the functionality of our Finance Bloom Digital Assets.
    • 13. Where required by an external compliance consultant as part of Finance Bloom commitment to achieve best practice and continuous improvement.

Keeping Personal Information Secure:

Finance Bloom has Cybersecurity and Organisational policies in place to ensure that the information provided by its clients are secure and safe. Although, we take those measures which are known to us to protect your personal information and privacy. Finance Bloom cannot guarantee or warranty the safety, security and / or privacy of any information or transmitting of the information to you or to us. We are not responsible for the theft, destruction, breach, inadvertently disclosure of your personal information where our security measures have been breached. If this happens, we will take remedial measures as prescribed by New Zealand Privacy Act 2020.

Where do we store it?

We store all information on the following:


    • • Our Backup hard drives.
    • • Online drives – Finance Bloom relies on Microsoft policy for backup of cloud data that includes Office 365 and TAP CRM. Cloud storage takes place inside as well as outside New Zealand.
    • • We hold your information for the duration either as permitted by law or as per our disclosure statements or as instructed by you in writing to Finance Bloom.

Changes in our Privacy Policy

We undertake a periodic review of all our policies to ensure that they remain, current, relevant, and fit for purpose. If you require a copy of this policy, please call us on 0508 256 663 or email to

Your responsibility:

If you provide us your personal information or visit our website or social media pages or discuss your financial needs and provide relevant information or documents or engage us to provide our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and have accepted this privacy policy. Please also note that product/ service providers have their own privacy policy that also apply to the information that we collect on their behalf.

What are your rights?

You always have the right to refuse to provide your information in case you do not feel comfortable, however, if you decide not to provide us with information that we need, we will not be able to help assess or service your needs. Please feel free to check with us with regards to information that will be needed to be provided by you and how this will used by us.

Pursuant to the Privacy Act 2020, you have the right to request access to and request correction of any personal information held by us about you, and we will correct your personal information in our CRM after necessary verification. Further, if any New Zealand law permits us to refuse to provide you any personal information held by us, we may not be able to provide you that information. We may also not be able to provide you that information which we have destroyed, erased or we may not be able to retrieve despite our best efforts.

Queries and Concerns if any

If you feel concerned that your personal information has been affected in any way or if you feel that we have in some way compromised your personal information, please inform us at:

The Privacy officer,
Office 4, Floor 1, 377 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021

We commit to acknowledging your complaint and resolve the same as per our Internal complaint resolution policy.
If you are not satisfied with our response to your privacy related concern, you may lodge a complaint in writing to the Privacy office website

You may also write to the Privacy Commissioner at the following address:
Office of the Privacy Commissioner
PO Box – 10 094
Wellington 6143
New Zealand
Phone: 0800 803 909 (Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm)

Finance Bloom – COMPANY MASTER POLICY NUMBER 1 | Ver 1 ( September 2022)