If your company have been trading for less than 12 months old

Finance Bloom offers a complete range of personal and Business Finance. We provide very competitive rates to our customer because our motive is we want to grow with our customers.

What do we need for Approval!

Bank account transactions

Profit & loss and balance sheets for up to the last 2 years

Your GST Returns for at least the previous 15 months

Trust deeds (for trusts only)

Business Loans with Sportcap Guaranteed Issue Best Option

Finance Bloom can help you to grow your business by offering below products with our competitive interest rates.

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Business Finance Line of Credit

What is a business line of credit and how does it work?

A line of credit is more cost-effective than a regular loan because you only pay interest on what you borrow. When we arrange approval for your application, you will get a line of credit. This is finance you can borrow from Finance Company, as and when you need it.

Your line of credit will be capped at no more than $250k. It’s your choice how much of that you borrow, and you can draw it down in amounts that suit you. When you do draw down some or all of the finance, that drawdown becomes a business loan.

To help you keep track of your finance, you will get an easy-to-use online dashboard to manage your line of credit and drawdowns.

Why is a line of credit better for my business?

A line of credit is much more versatile - and gives you more control - than a traditional business loan because:
• You only borrow and pay interest on the funds you need.
• You can repay early without being charged any penalties.
• There is no cost to set up a line of credit, because you only pay when you draw down.
Another benefit of a line of credit is that Lender don’t ask for any property or other asset security. This is made possible through our unique, rigorous credit assessment process, which allows us to offer finance on an unsecured basis.

How can a line of credit benefit my business?

- You have ongoing access to finance as you need it
A business line of credit gives you easy access to funds, as and when you need them. You can use these funds for a range of business purposes, including paying suppliers, settling tax bills or ensuring your staff get paid on time.

- Quick, simple online application process
Unlike applying for a loan from a traditional provider, applying through Finance Bloom is fast and efficient. Our Lenders provides tailored financial solutions allowing business owners to focus on what really matters - their business.

- You only pay interest on what you borrow
Interest is only charged on the money you draw down from the line of credit, and over the period for which you borrow it. You can save on interest by repaying early, which you can do without any penalty fee.

Flexible loans for your business We make it easy for businesses like yours to access finance of up to $500k

Borrow up to $500k

Need extra working capital to grow your business or improve your cashflow? We have the solution. It takes just 5 minutes to apply online.

Borrow only what you need

How it works: once approved, you’ve got access to cash you can draw down as needed. Borrow the amounts you need, when you need them. Drawdowns become business loans, repayable monthly.

We’ll give you a quick decision

You’ll get a loan decision within 24 hours of submitting your online application. To cut waiting time, we analyse the data you supply using our unique technology, backed by our expert assessment team.

All our loans are unsecured

If you meet our criteria, you will be offered an unsecured business loan. Our Lenders are able to do this because our specialist credit assessment team uses advanced technology to make a thorough evaluation of the financial condition of your business

Unsecured Loan More Finance Options

Because it is so versatile, a Business loan is a flexible alternative to many other methods of business finance. The types of business funding that our lender loans can substitute for include:

Equipment finance

Merchant Cash Advance

Peer to peer lending

Bridging Loans

Working Capital Finance

Invoice Finance